About Us

LeSoft LLC is a Michigan based company providing training, consulting, and software for Self-Driving Vehicles.


Training Courses
• Introduction to Autonomous and Self-Driving Vehicles
• Perception Systems for Self-Driving Vehicles
• The Safety of Self-Driving Vehicles
• Computer Vision for Autonomous Vehicles
• Deep Learning for Self-Driving Vehicles
• Path Planning and Control of Self-Driving Vehicles
• By-Wire Systems for Self-Driving Vehicles
• Connected Vehicles: V2V, V2I, V2X
• Systems Engineering
• Self-Driving Vehicle Startups

Safe Software
• Safe Perception Systems and Controls

• Sensor Fusion

• Path Planning and Control

LeSoft LLC has a network of experienced and expert consultants to better serve its clients in specific fields that include:
• Safety of Self-Driving Vehicles
• Dependability Attributes: Reliability, Availability, Safety, Security, and Trustworthiness
• Software for Self-Driving Vehicles
• Testing, verification, and validation of Self-Driving Vehicles
• Connected Vehicles: V2V, V2I, V2X
• Wireless Communications, Protocols, and Networks
• Systems and Safety Engineering
• Training Enterprises

Contact Us

If you have a question or are interested in our products or services, email us.